Why do we need bulletproof car protection in this current age

Armoring cars and armored car companies have become a big business in this current era especially with the amount of crime and terror around. The easy accessibility of weapons and advancement in technology has helped increase terror activities. VIP and politicians who constantly stay under the oppositions watch needs to get armor and bulletproof car protection to ensure that they are safe and can escape that volatile situation. There are lot changes that are required in making a car bulletproof and fully armored. The time taken to fully armor a car can take up to 2 to 4 months depending on the complexity of the armoring required.

The first step in the process of making a car bulletproof is to remove all the parts of the cars internal body parts such as the seats, carpets and wirings. Doors are also then opened and stuffed with materials to fill the gap. The floor and ceiling fabric is also made up of ballistic material to give the maximum protection.bulletproof car

The glass of the car is replaced with a much stronger and sturdier combination of polycarbonate. There are various sizes that are offered by the armoring companies, the thinnest option being 0.8 inch and thickest going up to 2.0 inch.  Making a glass bulletproof is very important as it helps to protect from targeted attacks. It is also the only way the attackers can see you especially the front mirror since the side ones are tinted.

Tires are also upgraded and replaced to give maximum protection. Whenever there is a ground attack happening, the best way to stop a car is to attack the tires. Most criminal minds will attack the tires of the car first so it doesn’t travel a long distance. In order to ensure that there is maximum protection, run flats are installed in a car. The run flats help a car run at over 60 miles per hour over a distance of 70 to 80 miles.

Because so much armoring is done, it will naturally add weight to the car. There the engine and the suspensions need to be upgraded as well. Generally armoring can add a weight ranging from 500 to 1400 pounds. The engine needs to be duly upgraded to pull this weight. The overall frame of the car is heavier as compared to a normal car but the look will still be the same.

In this current era where there is so much notorious activities going on, getting armored protection seems like a wise and smart decision. The main motive of the armoring company is to ensure that the person riding in it gets the maximum protection. In order to keep that in mind, they also have to make sure that the look doesn’t give away. Armoring any car will keep its original look intact. Call now to know what the armored car companies have to offer for your protection. Check this brand armored new G-wagen right here.